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Web Accessibility For Your Website. It is important to be inclusive to all. Making sure that everyone can access the site easily and have a better experience on your website.

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The world has changed a lot, we do everything online. Your clients rely on your website to learn about your business, buy products and more importantly contact you. 20% of the population has disability and that excludes them from using your website. That’s potentially lost revenue, wasted marketing dollars and angry clients.

Features Included with Web Accessibility Integration

Content Adjustment
Font, Size, Spacing & More

Color Adjustment
Including Dark and Light Contrast

Orientation Adjustments
Mute, Hide Images, Stop Animations

Seizure Safe Profile
Clear Flashes & Reduces Color

Vision Impaired Profile
Enhances Website's Visuals

ADHD Friendly Profile
More Focus & Fewer Distractions

Cognitive Disability Profile
Assists with Reading & Focusing

Keyboard Navigation
Use Website with the Keyboard

Blind Users
Optimize Website for Screen-Readers

Accessibility Statement
Compliance Status & Validation

ADA & WCAG Compliance Certifications

And Much More
Wide Range of Accessibility

what to expect

Choose the right accessibility profile for your accessibility needs.

Target Accessibility Needs

Color Adjustment Selections

Color Adjustments

Orientation Adjustment Selections

Orientation Adjustments

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