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Mobile App Design

Customized App Design

As mentioned, your ideas are important to us. We don’t take discovery lightly, as we will take the time to fully grasp your requirements to build a custom app design. The user interface, otherwise known as design, is crucial to any app. It is what entices the users and your audience in Tallahassee to use the app, that being said we always ensure that our designs leave a lasting impression.

iOS and Android Platforms

Platform for All Users

We create apps for both iOS and Android. This includes native and hybrid apps on those platforms. The user experience for the Tallahassee user is up to standard for both. As for native apps, we utilize our knowledge of IOS and Android to give an enhanced and interactive flow to their mobile experience.

Mobile App Development

App Development

The development side to your app will never be dull. We incorporate modern features that will engage your audience. Our highly skilled team permit advanced functionalities and capabilities. These would include features such as gestures, location services, audio/video, payment processing and notifications.

Testing and Deploying of Mobile Apps

Test for Quality and App Deployment

We strive to produce quality. To do that, we have a rigorous testing phase to test all functionalities and capabilities across all devices. We make sure that the app is what you envisioned and are happy with the results. After approval, we launch the app for Tallahassee users to download.

JTech App Portfolio
LabelSDS App Portfolio
Truck Repair and Maintenance App Portfolio

Our Client Success Story

Truck Maintenance & Repair Logs Application Truck Maintenance & Repair Data

Truck Maintenance & Repair Logs

Truck Maintenance & Repair Logs is an app for truckers to easily report maintenance and repairs performed on their truck or trailer which can then be generated into logs for file keeping or sending out repair data from the past year. The app allows users to track maintenance for their whole fleet of trucks and trailers all stored under their account for quick reference and safe keeping.

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